One Time Remote Entry Access: 
If you are out of town or away from your safe, you can still have someone access your safe if you want them to. Only you can provide that access!
​· Individual stands in front of the safe, while you open the Smart Life App
​· Have them press a number to send a message to your app
​· You then authorize opening - Safe will open remotely!!!

Safewell has developed the ultimate in lock technology, a Wi-Fi enabled safe app for use on your phone!
This is available for Long Gun Safes, Executive Safes and Personal Safes
Safewell has utilized the Smart Life App

Wi-Fi App Safe

App provides data and notices of when safe is opened or attempted to open. Records unauthorized entry attempts for an additional level of security awareness.

Create a Temporary Passcode: 
You can create and share a temporary passcode to allow a person to access your safe for a specific period of time. This allows you to have a person use or access your safe for a period time, you designate (1 day, 3 days, 1week) you decide the time frame. Passcode is deleted after specified time frame!