Create a Temporary Passcode: 
You can create and share a temporary passcode to allow a person to access your safe for a specific period of time. This allows you to have a person use or access your safe for a period time, you designate (1 day, 3 days, 1week) you decide the time frame. Passcode is deleted after specified time frame!

App provides data and notices of when safe is opened or attempted to open. Records unauthorized entry attempts for an additional level of security awareness.

Safewell has developed the ultimate in lock technology, a Wi-Fi enabled safe app for use on your phone!
This is available for Long Gun Safes, Executive Safes and Personal Safes
Safewell has utilized the Smart Life App

Wi-Fi App Safe

One Time Remote Entry Access: 
If you are out of town or away from your safe, you can still have someone access your safe if you want them to. Only you can provide that access!
​· Individual stands in front of the safe, while you open the Smart Life App
​· Have them press a number to send a message to your app
​· You then authorize opening - Safe will open remotely!!!